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Post by Djchopper1 on Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:59 pm

- most players of World of Tanks are between 28 and 35 years old
- 95 percent of game time spent in World of Tanks by players is spent in random battles
- from the start, more than 150 thousand clans registered in WoT on RU server alone (it’s more than 200k overall)
- on RU server, cca 32 percent of players are in clan
- Stronghold mode was introduced for that 32 percent (easy to understand mode not for hardcore)
- currently, developers are working on improved clan UI
- the option of attacking other strongholds will come in October
- developers are planning to introduce mercenaries from “allied clans” in stronghold mode (not only clanless players)
- there will be a clan “shop” in the Stronghold mode. Each clan will have a “shop”, where they will be able to buy unique tanks, camouflage and emblems for the SH resource
- developers are also making special Stronghold consumables: aerial recoinaissance, artillery fire mission, air raid, bunkers (AI turrets), these will be used by clan commanders
- these will not be used in random battles: “as everybody knows, in random battles, you have 29 opponents and to give this to everyone wouldn’t be good”
- the most effective of those consumables is according to Evilly the aerial recon, because knowing where the opponent is is important
- currently, developers are working on Stalingrad map, making it ready for Havok, it will not come in 9.4
- during map rework for Havok, MANY objects have to be reworked, it’s a lot of work
- Havok will be active on medium (and higher) graphic settings, it will work on a separate core (on multicore processors)

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