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Post by Djchopper1 on Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:19 am

- 1.3 brings two new maps: “Lost Temple” (Asian themed) and Black Goldville (US themed)
- it also brings Soviet heavy tank line (T-150 to IS-4)
- WoT Blitz currently has 3 trees (US, RU, German)
- arty won’t be added
- 1.3 brought extended post-battle statistics (scouting damage etc.)
- developers are working on new graphic effects, specifically new fog
- for high-end mobile devices, developers want to add a grass render
- currently, Android version is in closed testing phase (performance is being tested), currently there’s no ETA
- Windows Phone version is not planned

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Post by Djchopper1 on Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:17 pm

World of Tanks Blitz Q&A
Posted on November 1, 2014 by Silentstalker — 33 Comments ↓
Transcript source: FTA VK community

Hello everyone,

recently, a WoT Blitz stream took place on Russian server. Here’s what was said in it (related to Blitz, not classic WoT):

- the recent tests went really fine, resulting in significant FPS increase
- Android version is ready to be taken to next stage of testing, release is planned until the end of the year
- iOS version will have better graphics
- minimum version of Android to run Blitz will be version 4.+
- there will be a second round of Android testing
- there will not be separate servers for Android and iOS
- camouflage and perks will come next year- in the future, the option to disable “dynamic penetration zones” will be implemented
- it’s possible the tier balance will be reviewed
- in patch 1.4, new branch (ending with Maus) will appear, as well as premium IS-6
- in patch 1.5, the debriefing (post-battle statistics) screen will be reworked
- graphic settings will be implemented, but only for Android
- vehicle characteristics and serverside part are the same on Blitz, as they were in 0.8.6 version of WoT
- RU region server can withstand more than 30k players
- if a player wants, he can run the game on a PC, the developers can’t prevent that
- British branch will come until the end of this year, but it most likely will not be a full branch
- there will be a CW mode, but not in the same way as the PC version has (no details)
- there are more gold ammo users (larger share) in Blitz than in the PC version
- national voiceovers are not planned for now
- the Android version will be able to use mods
- missions will not come this year, but in the first half of 2015
- RU server is located in Munich
- in the new German branch, VK4502B will be the way it was in 0.8.6
- training rooms will not be implemented this year
- several new battle modes are planned, including a clan mode for hightier tanks (9-10)
- voicechat will most likely be implemented, but it’s not known when
- chat as a whole will be completely reworked
- KV-2 will most likely appear in the game
- after the Android release, developers are planning to implement missions, clans, seriously reworked tutorial and camouflage
- something like Hall of Fame is planned
- the best player amongst the developers of Blitz has 78 percent winrate
- gold ammunition will not be reworked anytime soon

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