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The PVE mode in Armored Warfare offers players the opportunity to take part in large-scale battles with a group of friends! This allows players to improve their combat skills, learn to play in aPvE is a great alternative to PVP battles. All PVE battles will take place on maps specifically designed for this mode and modelled on real-world locations. Players will face the same challenges and conditions as a tank crew during real military action. The surroundings, military hardware and visual effects will create a powerful atmosphere.

Tank commanders will have to operate in very different surroundings: in deserts and mountains, forests and swamps, towns and deserted steppes, in snow or slush. The surroundings will have an impact on battle tactics: for example, high ground may be occupied by artillery and rocky terrain will slow movement. The enemy is certain to make the most Each mission will consist of three operations taking place on different maps. The entire mission should last about 20 minutes. Players can take breaks between maps and prepare for the next battle.

If the player's vehicle is destroyed, they will switch to observer mode until the end of that stage of the mission. In other words, players won’t respawn on the same map they were destroyed on.

Missions will be divided by difficulty levels: easy, normal and difficult. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward upon successful completion. These rewards include experience, reputation and game currency.

Enemy tanks will be operated by a sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can evaluate situations and respond to them. If a mission is repeated the player may face entirely different AI tactics: different vehicles and vehicle variants might be present, they might appear in different locations, and their movement and strategies could be very different from match to match.
of any opportunities provided by the terrain to gain a competitive edge team and obtain rewards for completing special missions. In some missions, the squad may face superior enemy forces or even a mini boss - an especially powerful battle unit that it is virtually impossible to destroy alone.
Players will have different battle objectives to complete, including both primary objectives, which are critical to the success of the mission, and additional (optional) secondary objectives that have an impact on the amount of rewards received. All objectives are divided into types:

Capture - Enemies are defending a location. The team must move in and take it from them.
Destroy - The team must take out specific targets, such as a boss vehicle.
Escape - The team must move through heavy resistance to reach a location within a set amount of time.
Defend - The team must hold a location or multiple locations against an assault for a given time period.
Survival - Waves of enemies and must be defeated before a timer runs out or the team is defeated.In PvE mode there can be teams of at most four players. A group of friends or clan members can team up to complete a mission or you can be matched with a random team of players.

It is important to coordinate: working together will enable enemy tanks to be dealt with much quicker and lead to speedier completion of objectives. It is also necessary to have different classes present in the squad in order to successfully complete objectives.

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